Microscale 3D-printed Nerve interfaces

TM Otchy, C Michas, B Lee, K Gopalan, V Neurakar, J Gleick, D Semu, L Darkwa, BJ Holinski, DJ Chew, AE White, TJ Gardner, “Printable microscale interfaces for long-term peripheral nerve mapping and precision control,” Nature Communications, in press Summer 2020.


Ordering Liquid Crystal Defects at the Nanoscale

R Preusse, E George, S Aghvami, TM Otchy, MA Gharbi, “Hierarchical assembly of smectic liquid crystal defects at undulated interfaces,” Soft Matter, in press Summer 2020.

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 1.25.14 PM.png

Ultra-rapid 3D-printing with sub-micron minimum feature sizes 

BW Pearre, C Michas, JM Tsang, TJ Gardner, TM Otchy, “Micro-scale direct laser writing with a resonant scanning two-photon microscope,” Additive Manufacturing, Dec 2019.


Manufacturable spun carbon fiber electrodes

WF Gillis, CA Lissandrello, J Shen, BW Pearre, A Mertiri, F Deku, S Cogan, BJ Holinski, DJ Chew, AE White*, TM Otchy*, TJ Gardner*, “Carbon fiber on polyimide ultra-microelectrodes,” J Neural Eng, Jan 2018.


How local are the effects of brain manipulations?

TM Otchy, SBE Wolff, JY Rhee, C Pehlevan, R Kawai, A Kempf, SMH Gobes, BP Ölveczky, “Off-target effects of local circuit manipulations,” Nature, Dec 2015.

Figure 3.png

Learning what to do and when to do it

F Ali, TM Otchy, C Pehlevan, AL Fantana, Y Burak, BP Ölveczky, “The basal ganglia is necessary for learning spectral, but not temporal features of birdsong,” Neuron, Nov 2013.


Motorized microdrives for neural recordings

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Neural circuit correlates of motor skill learning

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